Alert but not Alarmed

Spoiler Alert: If you’ve not read Shaun Tan’s Tales from Suburbia, then we recommend you do so before reading the following piece. Shaun Tan’s short story ‘Alert but not Alarmed’ (found in his series of short stories Tales from Suburbia) elegantly identifies the capacity for the working class to subvert the function of the state…

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Are We Alone?

When one ponders the status of life in our Universe we are riddled with a question. With the boundlessness of our observable Galaxy (the only neighbourhood worth considering in an expanding Universe), and the plethora of Sun-like stars orbited by planets in Goldilocks conditions, why haven’t we found any life? The probability suggests that life must be out there,…

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Why Western Sydney?

As working class, migrant kids from the Western suburbs of Sydney who ‘made it’ to University we shared an experience of alienation. We carried an organic tendency towards communism as an analysis of our respective everyday experiences and thus gravitated towards ‘the Left’. Participation in the Left required physical debasement from our home suburbs, trekking into the…

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