Are We Alone?

When one ponders the status of life in our Universe we are riddled with a question. With the boundlessness of our observable Galaxy (the only neighbourhood worth considering in an expanding Universe), and the plethora of Sun-like stars orbited by planets in Goldilocks conditions, why haven’t we found any life? The probability suggests that life must be out there, but the applications of our best methodologies leave our searches empty. The arguments inevitably are raised, maybe what we are looking for is the problem. Maybe what we consider life to look like does not coincide with non-Earth life.

For those who envisage another world predicated on a collective social relationship, the ‘Left’ in Australia are often plagued with certain despair. A despair rooted in a similar paradox to the question of life beyond our planet. With daily reminders that we live in a world with economic, political and ecological crisis on the horizon; where then are all the revolutionaries coalescing towards a movement capable of challenging the descent into capitalist oblivion?

Unsatisfactory replies to this paradox range from the cries from traditional quarters to ‘double down’: simply do more of what we’ve always done but this time with more vigour, to those who comment from fringe positions or the sidelines forever pointing at the minor failings in practice, or theory, of those who are haplessly treading the traditional paths.

Yet, through our explorations on this blog, we hope to suggest these are not the only positions to fall into if one wants to see and be part of social change.

As with the paradox of the invisible non-terrestrial life, given the prevailing conditions, the probability would suggest that there MUST be resistance to capitalism organically developing amongst the oppressed class. Given the invisibility of this probable working class resistance, we may need to call in to question what we are looking for. Perhaps what we recognise as the ‘performance’ of resistance is limited by our expectations, experiences and traumas. This may bias our search, causing us to to inadvertently overlook evidence of ruptures within capitalism.

A renewal of working class investigation, adopting a different framework is needed. We need to turn our focus away from capital and the state to where hope resides – the agents for change: the working class.

This blogs takes up this mission in a humble way. A sharing of experiences and interactions which locate embryonic signs of this missing resistance. In many cases our starting point will be where we are geographically and politically located: in Western Sydney and as part of a sometimes amorphous working class. Supported by oral histories, a smattering of relevant theory and a developing analysis, we will suggest there is indeed a burgeoning resistance that may coalesce into a meaningful movement.

For those interesting in considering such ideas, we hope that our contribution will be useful one.

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